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Wholesale 12 x Nutmeg Powder

Wholesale 12 x Nutmeg Powder


Wholesale price for 12.

Origin: Indonesia (20g)

Nutmeg powder comes from the ground seed of the Nutmeg tree.  The fruit of this tree is like a ‘Russian doll’; the inner seed is the Nutmeg and the cover of the seed is Mace.  Although they are similar in flavour, Nutmeg has a more delicate, warmer, spicier flavour than Mace.   Nutmeg can be added to both savoury and sweet dishes.  It is particularly suited to creamy sauces such as Alfredo or Bechemel and is used in some desserts such as custard, apple tart, rice pudding and vanilla cream.  Nutmeg is also used in a variety of drinks such as eggnog, mulled wine, or sprinkled on the top of coffee and hot chocolate as a garnish.

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