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Cinnamon Powder "Ceylan"

Cinnamon Powder "Ceylan"

SKU: 3760116745024

Origin: Madagascar (19g)

This variety of Cinnamon known as Ceylan is subtle and delicate.  Cinnamon is the bark of the slim, lateral branches that are found at the bottom of the Cinnamon tree.  The farmers, known as “mpampoly” in the Madagascan language remove the external bark of the young, 2 year old branches and reduce it into a very fine powder.

In ground form, Cinnamon is particularly easy to use.  Desserts such as Apple Crumble, Sweet Biscuits, Orange Carpaccio, Pear Flan, Cherries marinated in Banyuls (French aperitif or dessert wine) and Bread and Butter Pudding love it.  It is the spice for both sweet and sour dishes such as Roast Pork with Pineapple or Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Raisins.

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